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Main Points of Contact:

  • For science research efforts, contact Gene Stanley at 617-353-2617 or hes@bu.edu
  • For science education efforts, contact Paul Trunfio at 617-353-9041 or trunfio@bu.edu
  • For administrative questions, please contact Bob Tomposki at 617-353-8000 or bob@buphy.bu.edu

Please write to us if you have questions or suggestions. We would love to hear from you.

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Please be aware that we receive a lot of mail and we do not have a staff dedicated to answering questions. Though we will make every effort to address your questions in a timely manner, we regret that this is not always possible. We will answer questions relating to our group's science research or education activities if you provide a valid email address. General questions about polymers, for example, will probably not be answered.

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